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Learn the basics on how to invest and purchase property abroad…
People shaking hands over an office desk with laptop and papers

What Fees And Transaction Costs Go Into Buying Real Estate?

OK, before you roll your eyes and yawn, I fully understand that an article about transaction costs is not sexy. However, if you want to …

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Whitewashed houses in Portugal

Some Helpful Tips Before You Buy Real Estate In Portugal

While I feel very lucky to wake up in my new Portuguese home, it took more than good luck to get me here. It was …

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cartoon man with a beard pointing to a newspaper headline about rental returns in medellin

Fake News or Fact? 24% Rental Returns In Medellín, Colombia

The World Wide Web is full of amazing stories. The challenge is to determine the real stories from the fake or misleading news. Recently, while …

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desk with calculator, pen and a sheet with monthly balances on

Corporate Structures For Overseas Real Estate: Part 2

Last week I posed the question of which corporate structure you should create to hold foreign property. I started by suggesting you might not need …

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pile of tax papers with a pen, mouse, coffee mug and laptop on top of them

Corporate Structures For Overseas Real Estate: Part 1

When determining the most beneficial legal structure to use for buying and holding overseas property, you should consider several factors. In fact, the first question …

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residential agricultural properties. picture of a pineapple in the foreground. the background is a tropical country with a blue sea

Today’s Top Residential And Agricultural Property Plays

“I’m Exhausted And My Head Is About To Explode!” It was day two of our three-day Global Property Summit last week, and one of the …

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apartments medellin property market

Finding An Apartment In Medellin’s Booming Property Market

I recently shared a cup of coffee with a couple in their mid-40s living here in Medellín, Colombia. As RJ and Susie shared their story, …

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Rental Property Potential Pitfalls

5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying Overseas Rental Property

Recently, while surfing the internet, I read that in Ancient Egyptian times the locals only visited The Great Pyramids when they had visitors in town. …

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Say Yes

How I Escaped The 9-To-5 And Found My Dream Life Overseas

As we begin 2018 you may be reminiscing about the past and dreaming about what the New Year will hold… I’m thinking about 2011, the …

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Residency via Proerty

5 Countries Where A Property Buy Can Lead To Residency

Buying a property overseas opens up an exciting new way of life. And it’s always a good way to diversify your geopolitical footprint as well …

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checklist for buying real estate overseas

14 Important Items To Confirm Before Buying Property Abroad

Last week, we talked about the need to rebalance our investments in the U.S. markets by diversifying abroad. And the logical follow-on to that discussion …

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Brazil, Santos

Santos: Brazil’s Bustling Island City With Gardens Galore

A Tale of Two Cities, Part 1: Santos Likely you’ve never heard of Santos. Almost certainly you’ve never heard of her sister city across the …

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