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riga in latvia

4 More Interesting Overseas Alternatives To Living In Paris

Today, we continue our “capitals of culture” list—places in the world with a strong history… where you’ll be surrounded by a rich culture… and have …

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valetta in malta aerial view

4 Interesting Overseas Alternatives To Living In Paris

When I covered the Paris property market a couple of months ago, I promised you I’d follow up with some “Paris alternatives”… I’m not claiming …

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waterfront property in Greece

2 More Of The Top Real Estate Markets For Investment In 2020

I made two mistakes in last week’s issue. You’ll read about one of my blunders in today’s Letter To The Editor below. The other is …

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A property manager handing house keys over to new tennants

8 Things To Look For When Choosing A Property Manager

“How are your tenants?” I asked my uncle, Jerry, over Sunday dinner. “Great,” he replied. “They’ll be leaving soon, and the house will be cleaner …

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A tourist town in Europe with lots of people outside the square

The Pros And Cons Of Living In An Area With High Tourism

Two years ago, we moved our four kids to school in Tramore, a coastal town in Ireland’s “sunny southeast” (which I introduced you to last …

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person looking out across a mountain range

The Ultimate Plan B: Our Experts Talk Doomsday Scenarios

Most of us don’t want to think about a possible End of Days situation. With global climate change, political unrest, and general hostilities on the …

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skeletons at a party

Haunted Houses, Hornets, And Other Overseas Horror Stories

I love Halloween. From creative costumes to children trick-or-treating, Halloween is a fun time of year. After moving overseas, I learned that it’s celebrated in …

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cartoon man with a beard pointing to a newspaper headline about rental returns in medellin

Fake News or Fact? 24% Rental Returns In Medellín, Colombia

The World Wide Web is full of amazing stories. The challenge is to determine the real stories from the fake or misleading news. Recently, while …

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desk with calculator, pen and a sheet with monthly balances on

Corporate Structures For Overseas Real Estate: Part 2

Last week I posed the question of which corporate structure you should create to hold foreign property. I started by suggesting you might not need …

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pile of tax papers with a pen, mouse, coffee mug and laptop on top of them

Corporate Structures For Overseas Real Estate: Part 1

When determining the most beneficial legal structure to use for buying and holding overseas property, you should consider several factors. In fact, the first question …

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residential agricultural properties. picture of a pineapple in the foreground. the background is a tropical country with a blue sea

Today’s Top Residential And Agricultural Property Plays

“I’m Exhausted And My Head Is About To Explode!” It was day two of our three-day Global Property Summit last week, and one of the …

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apartments medellin property market

Finding An Apartment In Medellin’s Booming Property Market

I recently shared a cup of coffee with a couple in their mid-40s living here in Medellín, Colombia. As RJ and Susie shared their story, …

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