Cyprus: A Global Breakout Market For Property Investment

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Be In The Room Where It Happens

I first heard Lief talk about Northern Cyprus in 2018.

I’m about as well-traveled as a person my age can be… But I admit to knowing very little about this tiny territory in the eastern Mediterranean back then.

Lief made such a case for it that I got up to speed quickly. It’s not every day that he identifies a new global breakout market for property investment.

All the evidence stacked up for Northern Cyprus, including:

  • Property investment options for less than US$100,000 (or as little as US$60,000 at the time)
  • Leverage options, including pre-construction deals
  • Diverse buying and selling pools, meaning more liquid markets and more reliable rental yield
  • A healthy middle class, meaning more market activity for sales and rentals
  • Tourism appeal, with warm year-round weather and Mediterranean beaches

Prices were kept low because it was little known among property investors… If it was known, it was only in the context of its conflict with the other half of Cyprus, which kept less intrepid investors at bay.

In short, Northern Cyprus had strong fundamentals for profitable investment… and I got to witness firsthand what’s possible for investors when they’re presented with opportunities in a place like this.

People in the room at our annual Global Property Summit—our biggest property event of the year—have had the benefit of being clued in on Northern Cyprus early.

Attendees were presented with exclusive deals by vetted developers (developers that Lief himself has made purchases with).

Those who recognized the screaming bargains on offer and took action have seen massive appreciation on their investments in the short time since.

In 2021, for instance, GPS attendees heard about Crystal Resort, a beach development with five-star amenities in the Iskele area of Northern Cyprus.

Studio apartments were selling for the equivalent of US$58,900 at the time. (Property is priced in British pounds in Northern Cyprus.)

Today, those same units are worth US$92,250… which amounts to 57% appreciation in just two years.

Crystal Resort wasn’t the only opportunity in Northern Cyprus to see that kind of increase…

Just down the coast at a different beach resort, one-bedroom units were available for US$75,000 in 2021.

Today, those same units are selling for US$120,000, which amounts to 60% gains in two years.

I don’t have Lief’s decades of experience profiting from property investments across the globe… but I know enough to recognize that these are fantastic increases in value that are hard to match.

Northern Cyprus is a “perfect storm” market, providing a unique combination of factors (it’s an undiscovered location with strong growth potential, low entry prices, some leverage options, and growing and active marketplaces) that allows for this kind of result.

It’s a remarkable case, but it’s not the only of its kind… In the past, Lief has pointed to Panama, Brazil, and Colombia as offering similar combinations of factors.

For anyone interested in diversifying their investment portfolio to include real estate for appreciation and cash flow, these “perfect storm” opportunities should grab your attention.

It takes more than just knowing where to find them, however…

You need insight into the latest “undiscovered” locations that Lief’s global scouting team has identified… You need to get in early before word gets out about them… and you need access to exclusive investment offerings in those places.

You need to be in the room at Lief’s Global Property Summit, taking place June 14–16 in Panama City, Panama. Go here to sign up for GPS now.

This is your chance to learn about properties currently for sale in locations that have been vetted by our team while also developing your own network of international property contacts and support.

I hope to see you there.


Sophia Titley
Editor, Overseas Property Alert