7 Places Where We’re Scouting Property In 2024

Aerial Drone View of a tropical island with lush jungle in Costa Rica, Isla del Caño

You heard it here first: 2024 is going to be big for global property investors.

Key to having a profitable year is identifying emerging markets and staking claims as early as possible.

To that end, Lief Simon and his team of international property scouts (including me) are currently planning scouting trips in the markets that are on his radar.

Here’s a snapshot of where we’ll be putting boots on the ground in 2024.

Our 2024 Property Scouting Hit List

1. Montenegro

While it’s not a new market for us at Live And Invest Overseas, Montenegro is the first place I’ll scout in 2024.

I last visited this country in November 2022 and toured the grounds of a project that we highlighted there…

Early investors who got in on that project now hold the keys to completed, ready-to-rent units. They toasted its grand opening in June 2023, reporting back on their satisfaction with the first-class amenities and undeniably gorgeous views.

The developer behind that project has a newer opportunity just down the road… A number of units remain available under favorable payment terms (30% down payment and 36 interest-free monthly installments).

Part of my scouting trip will be dedicated to visiting this new project and relaying my findings. The other part will be about scouting new opportunities, including a new project on the waterfront that Lief has identified.

As property values appreciate and it gets closer to joining the EU, Montenegro’s appeal to investors grows every year. Remember, buying property qualifies you for residency in Montenegro… which, in a few years, could become EU residency.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most famous retirement havens.

Live And Invest Overseas Founding Publisher Kathleen Peddicord played a role in that notoriety. She was among the first to herald its appeal a handful of decades ago.

In more recent history, we’ve focused more on its next-door neighbor, Panama, because of its enhanced investment potential.

Panama has all the same natural bounty and beauty as Costa Rica, but its infrastructure is better, its economic fundamentals are stronger, and its costs of living are lower.

While Panama remains our preference, we’re ready to take a fresh look at Costa Rica. Lief’s scout, Jackson Simon, will be putting boots on the ground on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast in 2024.

3. Spain

By now, the secret is out: we named Spain the #1 place in the world to retire in our 2024 Overseas Retirement Index.

Its diverse lifestyle opportunities, great weather, easy residency, safety, excellent health care, and low costs of living sent it to the top of this year’s rankings.

Big, well-established expat communities across the country speak to Spain’s broad lifestyle appeal…

It’s only fitting that we delve into its investment appeal in 2024.

This starts with a free webinar taking place at 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Jan. 23, where Lief and other experts will explore Europe’s outsized local housing demand. In Spain specifically, he’s identified an opportunity in Madrid’s student accommodation market.

4. The Philippines

The Philippines is among our core areas of focus in Asia.

We like it for its tropical scenery, including world-class beaches and over 7,600 islands, as well as its exceptionally low costs of living, sizeable expat communities, and a friendly retirement visa.

Real estate is incredibly affordable, and if you buy right, great ROIs are available. With insider guidance from our local contacts, we’ll scout the best opportunities in the Philippines and bring you those findings later this year.

5. Turkey

Top of Lief’s watch list is Turkey and its Mediterranean coast specifically.

Turkey has the most affordable property in Europe right now—bargain prices compared to more well-known and visited destinations in the Mediterranean.

Turkey is investor-friendly, and with its affordable living, high-quality health care, favorable climate, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture, its appeal can’t be denied or ignored.

Investors who get in now are getting in on a rising tide. During the year to November 2022, house price growth was 57%, adjusted for inflation.

6. Mongolia

It’s not a household name, but Mongolia is worth having on your radar because of its affordable property, fast economic growth, and rich natural resources.

We believe this outward-looking country is about to break out onto the world stage… which means we have an opportunity to be among the first to take positions here.

7. Greece

I forever have my eye on Greece, and I’m looking forward to my annual visit in mid-2024.

Greece offers some of Europe’s most affordable property values, especially if you look outside of Athens to lower-density areas of the country. The islands of Corfu and Crete are among my favorite markets.

Greece stands out as particularly friendly to investors and retirees…

It offers one of the few remaining golden visa programs in Europe, where you can invest as little as 250,000 euros and gain residency, including visa-free travel in the Schengen area and citizenship in as few as seven years.

It also offers the Non-Dom Tax Regime to resident retirees, allowing a flat tax of 7% for 15 fiscal years on pension or passive income from abroad.


Sophia Titley

Editor, Overseas Property Alert