Panama, Boquete, villa with lush tropical garden in the jungle among the volcanic hills

Will You Disappear In Boquete Too?

Expats Keep Disappearing In The Panama Highlands For over 170 years, travelers have gone missing in Panama’s highlands. Long before the Canal connected the Atlantic …

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A beautiful beach in Faro in southern Portugal

The Top Countries To Become Self-Sufficient

Save More, Live Better: Achieving Self-Sufficiency By Moving Overseas The cost of home heating is already double what it was a few months ago, and …

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Azenhas do Mar Seaside Town in Sintra, Portugal

Buying Real Estate In Portugal: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Buy Property Overseas: Our Portugal Guide Portugal has been my top all-around destination choice for both lifestyle and real estate investment for the …

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Young teak tree seeding plantation in the garden

Invest During A Recession: Our Top 2 Picks To Achieve Financial Stability

Recession Planning: Cash Flow Vs. Capital Appreciation We are living in interesting times. Inflation reached a 40-year high in June, the U.S. life expectancy has …

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Beach at sunset in Baru island in Cartagena, Colombia

How To Buy A Tiny Home In Colombia And Get A 20% ROI

Tiny Investment, Huge Returns: Invest In Cartagena’s Short-Term Rental Market For A 20% ROI Colombia has always held a special place in my imagination. As …

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Skyline with green grass and flag in Panama City, Panama

Tourism In Panama: The Key To A Golden Age You Can Profit From

Profiting From Panama’s Third Economic Golden Age: An Economic Miracle 500 Years In The Making Panama has enjoyed two golden eras of economic expansion in …

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Praia da Luz, beach and village resort in Portugal's Algarve

The Top Places To Buy A House Abroad

How To Swap Your Home For A Mansion The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis just announced that the median house price in the United …

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Raft or Jangada, typical sail boat from Brazil Northeast, used for fishing and for tourism in Cumbuco Beach, Ceara, Brazil.

Ceará, Brazil: Pristine Beaches And Cheap Property Are Just The Beginning

Invest In One Of Brazil’s Most Coveted Tourism Destinations If you think of Brazil, you probably think of Rio de Janeiro first. This city has …

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Landscape with Ferragudo village in Algarve, Portugal

Invest In Europe Now For A Once In A Life Time Opportunity

The Best Foreign Exchange Opportunity In Decades I predicted it 10 weeks ago, but it happened even quicker than I expected… In the last month …

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View of the hills and Tuscan countryside over the medieval hilltop village of San Gimignano, Italy.

How To Retire On A Budget But Live Like Royalty

Own A French Village For Just $26,500 For the price of a mid-range car, you can own a village in Europe. Somewhere that offers peace, …

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Panoramic sight of the Alhambra Palace and the Albaicin district in Granada in Andalusia, Spain.

Buying Property In Spain: A Guide For Foreigners

How To Buy Property In Spain Spain has been a top global expat destination for decades. About 60 million tourists visit the country every year—an …

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Cucumbers in greenhouse

The Sustainable Farming Investment To Increase Your Retirement Funds

Add $171,387 To Your Retirement Fund With This Sustainable Farming Method From politics to climate change, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about …

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