The top investment opportunities from around the world…

At Overseas Property Alert we understand that not everyone wants to live or retire overseas. Some of our readers are more interested in diversifying their investment portfolio to include overseas opportunities. This page is where we share the latest news about international projects and our personal picks for the top investments around the world.

Our team offers several decades of research and investing our own money, and we believe that real estate and agriculture are some of the most secure investments available. No investment is guaranteed of course, but in general, real estate defies most challenges and people will always need to eat.

Sometimes an exciting investment has a short window of opportunity or a small number of available units and potential investors need to act quickly. Other times, we have enticed the developers to create additional offers, exclusively for our followers to make sure everyone has the chance to participate.

Real Estate Investment

Some of the top investments you’ll see featured here include real estate developments in locations such as Panama, Brazil, Northern Cyprus, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. We’ll share stories about green living in Lisbon, Medellín, Ljubljana, Saint-Chinian, and the Cayo District. You can also learn how to establish a second residency or citizenship through real estate investment.

Since the real estate purchase process is different around the world, we strive to educate you about what to expect, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to protect your investment especially if you don’t live near the property you purchase. You’ll find insider information from other expats with their boots on the ground in many desirable locations and experts you can reach out to with questions.

Whether you are considering a beachfront property in a tourist destination for rental income returns, or a quiet place to visit occasionally and maybe use for full-time retirement down the road, or a quick turn on your investment dollar, we have you covered.

Agricultural Investments

On the agricultural front, some of our top investment suggestions include solar-powered hydroponic farming in Thailand, fruit orchards in Central America, timber forestry projects in Colombia and Panama, truffles in France and Spain, and new opportunities arising from post-pandemic businesses.

We continue to cover the world, looking for more investment opportunities to meet your needs and diverse options to help you build a solid investment portfolio.

Panama City, Panama

Why Panama Is The World’s Top Investment Market

Profiting From Panama’s Economic Growth: Earn High ROIs By Targeting Its Eco-Tourism Market Many wonder why Panama’s economy flourishes when all those around it flounder. …

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Paradise beach on island Caye Carrie Bow Cay Field Station, Belize. 

The 4 Best Cash Flow Properties To Invest In 2023

4 Best Cash-Flowing Buys For 2023— Buy For Less Than US$150,000 To Earn More Than 10% Per Year As philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill …

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Skyline of Manila City and Manila Bay

The Top Places To Buy Cheap Real Estate

Penny Properties: 13 Places Where You Can Buy Property For Under US$20k I’m often asked, “Where is the cheapest place to buy property?” South Sudan …

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Real estate housing property bubble low interest rates inflating home prices effecting loan payments and the yield of asset growth

The Real Estate Bubble: How To Recognize It

Avoiding The Bubble Blues: Analyzing 5 Overseas Property Markets Real estate bubbles are as fun as they are dangerous. You can make huge profits… or

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The Battle For Brazil’s Presidency

Next Sunday, Brazil is having its run-off presidential election. The showdown between the far right and far left is creating a lot of noise… The …

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A yellow tiny home in Belize

The Tiny Home Communities You Need To Be A Part Of

Here’s What You Need To Know To Cash In On The New Short-Term Rental Market To make money in real estate, you need to understand …

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Modern townhouses in Panama

Panama’s Middle Class Provides An Untapped Investment Opportunity

Targeting The New Latin American Middle Class What’s the best predictor of a country’s future prosperity? It’s not GDP, inflation, or unemployment rates… It’s a …

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A beautiful beach in Faro in southern Portugal

The Top Countries To Become Self-Sufficient

Save More, Live Better: Achieving Self-Sufficiency By Moving Overseas The cost of home heating is already double what it was a few months ago, and …

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Young teak tree seeding plantation in the garden

Invest During A Recession: Our Top 2 Picks To Achieve Financial Stability

Recession Planning: Cash Flow Vs. Capital Appreciation We are living in interesting times. Inflation reached a 40-year high in June, the U.S. life expectancy has …

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Skyline with green grass and flag in Panama City, Panama

Tourism In Panama: The Key To A Golden Age You Can Profit From

Profiting From Panama’s Third Economic Golden Age: An Economic Miracle 500 Years In The Making Panama has enjoyed two golden eras of economic expansion in …

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Landscape with Ferragudo village in Algarve, Portugal

Invest In Europe Now For A Once In A Life Time Opportunity

The Best Foreign Exchange Opportunity In Decades I predicted it 10 weeks ago, but it happened even quicker than I expected… In the last month …

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View of the hills and Tuscan countryside over the medieval hilltop village of San Gimignano, Italy.

How To Retire On A Budget But Live Like Royalty

Own A French Village For Just $26,500 For the price of a mid-range car, you can own a village in Europe. Somewhere that offers peace, …

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