Past dispatches organized by world region…
Tropical white beach house surrounded by palm trees on the island Koh Kood, Thailand.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises With Inheritance Laws Abroad

What Happens To Your Overseas Property If You Die Before Selling? Before you buy property in any country overseas, you need to understand the local …

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Skiline of El Poblado, Medellín, Colombia

A Rental Market Overview Of Medellín’s Top Neighborhoods

Discoverig Medellín’s Top Neighborhoods While enduring several complete lock-down situations here in Medellín, the real estate market struggled in 2020. As the world gradually opens …

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porto, portugal river on a sunny day

Where Can You Find The Best Value On Your Retirement Home?

This year, as always, lists of the best places in the United States where you can enjoy a comfortable and active retirement have been doing …

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montpellier in france

8 Overseas Options Where You Can Work From Home

If you could take your work anywhere, where would you go? One thing this pandemic has shown us is how so much of our business …

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montmatre street paris

How And Where COVID-19 Is Creating Real Estate Opportunity

The global shutdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic is going to have big effects on real estate markets worldwide. However, the situation we’re about …

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Expat bbq

5 Of The Top Countries With An Established Expat Community

I’m most of the way through Alain De Botton’s “The Consolations Of Philosophy.” It’s an entertaining collection of teachings from the ancient greats… and how …

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Zablijak off the grid living

Regain Your Privacy: Top 5 Countries For Off-The-Grid Living

Twelve years ago, when my husband and I bought our home in Waterford, Ireland, we never gave much thought to privacy. Three months ago, that …

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Beautiful Lake House

ROC: Where Property Deals And Retirement Dreams Meet

As I write this week’s edition, it’s the day after our spectacular Retire Overseas Conference, and I’m exhausted. This year’s event took place in vibrant, …

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Residency via Proerty

5 Countries Where A Property Buy Can Lead To Residency

Buying a property overseas opens up an exciting new way of life. And it’s always a good way to diversify your geopolitical footprint as well …

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Rental Properties In Medellin, Colombia

Selecting A Property Manager For Your Overseas Rental

One of the most rewarding things you can do abroad is to manage a rental. I find it enjoyable to get to know an area, …

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laureles medellin colombia

Why Laureles Is One Of Medellin’s Top Property Markets

I’ve written many times that the El Poblado sector of Medellín, Colombia, is considered to be the best area of the city. And for most …

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Discounted Foreign Property Markets

Today’s Top Markets For Maximizing Your Declining Dollar Discount

The U.S. dollar came to life in 2014, after years in the doldrums. It gained dramatically against many of the world’s currencies, creating a buying …

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