Not everyone dreams about lazy days swinging in a beach hammock. Mountain real estate draws people with its spectacular scenery, cooler temperatures especially at night for great sleeping weather, cleaner air, and abundant flora and fauna.

Picture a typical day in the mountains, strolling through a lush park next to a crystal clear babbling creek, on your way to the town square where you’ll find friendly locals enjoying a coffee or cool beverage on a crisp afternoon. Mountain properties offer winding roads, transparent lakes, valley views, and many outdoor activities you’ll find nowhere else.

Chances are you will leave your windows open throughout the day and you won’t need heat or air conditioning to keep you comfortable. Your mountain property may not require screens on the windows if insects are scarce at your elevation.

You can find prime mountain real estate for living, investing, rental income, or retirement options around the world. Choose from large cosmopolitan cities, or Spanish colonial UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or even ski resort towns depending on your needs. Some of the most stunning mountain locations are near a stretch of beach where you can enjoy hiking in the morning and surfing in the afternoon.

A Few Of Our Favorite Mountain Locations Are:

  • Large capital cities at high elevation such as Mexico City, Mexico, Bogotá, Colombia, and Quito, Ecuador where the temperatures are cooler and every amenity you might need is at your fingertips.
  • Smaller cities that usually offer a more cosmopolitan feel with less traffic and more green space like Medellín, Colombia and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
  • Spanish colonial towns with traditional architecture, main plazas, and a relaxed local feel such as Cuenca, Ecuador, El Retiro, Colombia, and Puebla, Mexico.

Many mountain areas offer temperate weather year-round which provides a good rental opportunity since the market doesn’t experience high and low seasons. You can benefit from a steady year-round income and you can spend time in your property whenever you want, not just during summer break or holiday time.

Whether you are interested in moving to one of these prime locations or investing for part-time use or rental income, mountain real estate has great appeal and is definitely worth considering.

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