For many people, living on a beachfront property is the ultimate dream come true. Your day may start with a quiet walk along a white-sand beach as the warm water tickles your feet as you watch the sunrise. At night you’ll be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves lapping the shore.  There’s nothing quite like living in a beach paradise.

In many countries, beachfront property is prohibitively expensive for most budgets. For example, you can’t touch beach real estate in most of Southern California for less than a million dollars. But if you look outside North America, you can find enticing and affordable homes right on the sand.

Are you someone who craves easy access to the water and the ability to participate in activities like sailing, scuba, snorkeling, surfing, boating, fishing, paddle boarding, and more? We can point you to stunning beachfront property opportunities around the world.

Maybe you prefer incredible sunrises and sunsets, swinging in a hammock with a fruity frozen drink or glass of wine, or lounging in a beach-side bar listening to Jimmy Buffet tunes while swapping stories with locals and other expats. We have several places in mind for this lifestyle as well.

We’ll share details about villas directly on a world-class beach for less than US$150,000, and condos you can grab for less than US$100,000. Charming beach-front towns with welcoming, laid-back locals and casual places to stop for a snack or cold beverage. Depending on which coast you choose, you may still enjoy mountain views, colonial architecture, or upscale city living.

Why Should I Consider A Beachfront Property?

Beachfront property can be a great investment opportunity and produce strong rental returns in places such as the coasts of Mexico, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, and Brazil, or in Europe’s finest beach towns in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Croatia. You’ll also find spectacular beachfront real estate in Far Eastern destinations such as Thailand and the Philippines. The world of beach properties awaits…

Colorful two story hose on an island in Las Isletas, Nicaragua

If You Think Owning An Island Is Impossible…Think Again

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Colonial Style Buildings in the Coastal City of Olinda Brazil

3 Top Coastal Colonial Cities Offering Fun, Sun, And Property

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Why Ecuador's Best Beachfront Property Is Found In Salinas

Why Ecuador’s Best Beachfront Property Is Found In Salinas

A Great Lifestyle With Inexpensive Beachfront Ecuador’s coast has lots of beautiful, unspoiled, and fairly undeveloped seaside towns. In fact, Ecuador’s undeveloped coast is what …

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Beautiful Beaches And Property Bargains In Cabo Frio, Brazil

Sizing Up Your Options On Properties In Las Terrenas, DR

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top picks global property summit

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Viña del mar, Chile

How Chile’s Accord With China Is A Big Win For Viña Del Mar

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Bucerías, Mexico: PV’s Lower-Priced, Less-Crowded Neighbor

Bucerías, Mexico: PV’s Lower-Priced, Less-Crowded Neighbor

Plus: Watch Out For The Condo Fees Nestled on more than 10 miles of uninterrupted sandy beach, Bucerías has just about everything you’d hope to …

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Salinas, Ecuador: Affordable Beach Condos Under $53K

Salinas, Ecuador: Affordable Beach Condos Under $53K

With more than 1,250 miles (2,000 km) of coastline, Ecuador is the westernmost country in South America. And Salinas, on the Santa Elena peninsula, is …

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Vila Velha, Brasil

Vila Velha, Brazil: Top Beach Real Estate Without Rio’s Price Tag

Vila Velha: “Little Rio” My walk finished, I plop down in a chair at Talismã, my favorite kiosk. The waiter looks at me and raises …

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Aerial View on Huatulco, Mexico.

How To Get In On Huatulco, Mexico—Before The Tourism Boom

Mexico has become a tourism powerhouse, with an impressive 9.4% jump in international visitors last year. This brings the total to over 32 million arrivals, …

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Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta: A Hidden Gem On Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

Santa Marta: Colombia’s Calmer Caribbean Alternative Cartagena continues to boost its profile as a prime travel and investment destination, and it’s not hard to see …

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Viña del Mar offers First World Beach resorts at much better prices.

Punta Del Este Vs. Viña Del Mar: South America’s Top Beach Resorts

Plus: “I Need Help Moving Abroad…” Managing IRAs And Mutual Funds From Overseas Uruguay’s Punta del Este and Chile’s Viña del Mar are the most famous …

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