View of beach property in Santa Marta, Colombia

Comparing Property Prices In Latin America

The Americas’ Cheapest, Deepest-Discounted, And Most Expensive Properties

Plus: A Beach Property For US$75K?

If you’d like to see a quick, efficient snapshot of what’s happening with Latin American property prices, then you’ve come to the right place.

Each year, I take a snapshot of property costs from 19 key markets around the region. I use this data as a means of comparing markets and of monitoring changes throughout the year.

All prices are expressed in our universal measure, U.S. dollars per square meter. For purposes of this article—in cases where properties are priced in the local currency—the exchange rates are those in effect on Jan. 24, 2016.

In each of the survey’s cities, we check local listings for 10–12 apartments with two bedrooms and two baths and about 75–100 square meters of living space… or as close to that as the local inventory allows. The neighborhoods are those that are favored by expats and are places where I’d look for property myself.

Let’s start with the biggest price drops in the region over the past year.

If You’ve Been Waiting For A Bargain, Check Out The Biggest Price Drops In 2015

The beach resort of Santa Marta, Colombia, wins the prize for the largest price drop in 2015. Properties in this popular seaside getaway fell from US$2,091 per square meter last year to an amazing US$1,032 at the start of 2016… a drop of more than 50%.

Santa Marta’s prices in Colombian pesos actually rose, but the dollar’s gain of Continue reading