7 Tips For Restoring Real Estate Abroad

7 Tips For Restoring Real Estate Abroad

A lot of overseas buyers are drawn to the fixer-upper. That is, a home that falls somewhere in the continuum between bring your paint brush and a total wreck. One reason many of us like fixer-uppers is that they generally sell well below market value. Another reason is that there is plenty of upside potential for those looking to profit on the purchase.

Restoring a run-down home is profitable because you’re able to make improvements on the house that add much more value than the cost of the work. This is especially true in countries with low labor costs… countries where working class wages are far below those required to buy the kind of home you’re fixing up.

My experience with restorations abroad has been very positive and I’ve never had a problem finding skilled workers or quality local materials. Yes, it’s been profitable. But these endeavors have also been a fantastic cultural and learning experience in Ecuador, Uruguay, and Brazil.

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Why Real Estate Is The Greatest Global Asset Protection Tool

Why Real Estate Is The Greatest Global Asset Protection Tool

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I missed out on the Great Recession. In fact, since I moved abroad in 2001, those recession years actually produced my highest income.

My home in Punta del Este, Uruguay, jumped in value during the U.S. housing crash, as did our beach house in Brazil. My Brazilian reais jumped almost 39% against the U.S. dollar, and my Uruguayan peso-denominated CDs paid over 9%, while the pesos themselves also gained in value.

Meanwhile, during the depths of the recession, I bought a foreclosure condo in Arizona.

I don’t mean to give the impression that Brazil and Uruguay are better bets for investment than the United States. I don’t know if that’s true… or how long it will remain true if it is.

In fact, when the Brazilian market flattened unexpectedly a couple of years ago, that cheap condo in Arizona jumped almost 73% in value. So in this case, the Scottsdale market outperformed both Brazil and Uruguay.

I like to sound brilliant as much as the next guy. But, in all honesty, I’ll have to reluctantly admit that my good fortune was not a result of any special talent on my part.

In fact, I didn’t accurately predict any of those economic swings.

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