property investments overseas can be affected by exchange rates.

How Exchange Rates Affect Overseas Property Investments

Exchange Rates: More To The Issue Than Meets The Eye
Plus: “… I’m Going To Get You People Shut Down”
You hear a lot of disclaimers about currency risk in the world of overseas property investment. In fact, I often mention here that your property’s price—or your rental income—will vary with current exchange rates.But there’s more to the issue than meets the eye when it comes to foreign exchange rates.

I thought I understood the concepts of currency exchange rates when I first started buying property abroad. But the reality of what they can do only hit home when I experienced a dramatic rise in my cost of living in Uruguay… and a windfall profit when I sold my house in Brazil.

My annual property taxes in Uruguay were about 54,000 pesos. In dollar terms, this amount was US$2250 when I arrived in 2006… and went up to US$2900 in 2011 due to a weakening dollar. Continue reading

Why Real Estate Is The Greatest Global Asset Protection Tool

Hard Money Loans In Real Estate: Scam Or Real Opportunity?

Investing In Hard Money Real Estate Loans

Plus: Converting Your IRA-Owned Property To Your Name Advantages Of Living In Rosarito, Baja California

Last month I introduced a group of our readers to an investment opportunity, and immediately, the hate emails started to roll in. Folks were implying that it was a scam…

The opportunity was a deal to finance a condo project in Mexico, Vista Encantada. The developer was offering a return of 45% on a US$50,000 investment over a maximum period of four years. The returns were being paid by condo sales, and the developer also offered a condo unit as collateral.

This investment offer is what we call a hard money loan. It’s an alternative financing option often used by real estate developers to raise capital for commercial real estate projects.

Here’s Why Real Estate Developers Use Hard Money Loans

One reader asked, “Why doesn’t the developer just get the loan from Continue reading