Beautiful Oceanside Property purchased using your IRA or 401K funds

Buying Property Overseas With A Self-Directed IRA Or 401K

Tips For Buying Property With Your IRA Or 401k
Plus: Mazatlán Versus Puerto Vallarta

The ability to buy property with an IRA or a 401k was a huge breakthrough for investors seeking opportunities overseas. It has allowed people to “unleash” their retirement plans and give them access to the full potential of the world’s opportunities.

These unusual retirement-plan investments are made with what we call self-directed IRAs and Solo 401ks. These two vehicles work differently, but what you can do with them is exactly the same… as are the restrictions placed on the investments you can make.

For a discussion on the differences between self-directed IRAs and solo 401ks, with their advantages and disadvantages, follow the link to read my previous article on setting up and using these tax-deferred retirement plans.

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