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Beachfront Brazil For Just US$73,300 With Up To 10% Return

Plus: “…I Would Not Go There If They Gave Me A Villa.”

May 26, 2015
Itamaracá, Pernambuco, Brazil

US$1=3 Brazilian reais

Dear Overseas Property Alert Reader,

Three things have changed since I last wrote to you about the Brazilian island of Itamaracá, and I’ll put them on the table right here:

  • The dollar has gotten stronger against the Brazilian real
  • A new pool of renters has joined the local market, making a purchase here even more attractive
  • Most importantly, Itamaracá now finds itself squarely in the path of development progress as it moves northward from nearby Recife

So with a new project offering beachfront condos starting at just US$73,300, it’s time to take another look at Itamaracá. Continue reading

Beachfront Properties Start At US$85,000 On Uruguay's Costa de Oro

Beachfront Properties Start At US$85,000 On Uruguay’s Costa de Oro

Plus: Property Confiscations And Buying Abroad With Your IRA

Uruguay is a country that’s known throughout the world for its beautiful beaches. Without a doubt, the country’s best value in beach property is Costa de Oro, a 30-mile stretch of shoreline between Montevideo and Punta del Este.

Costa de Oro—which means Gold Coast in Spanish—also contains a couple of Uruguay’s best coastal towns for full-time retirement living. Aside from these livable, shady towns, this coast offers something that most the Atlantic seaboard does not: beautiful sunsets, thanks to the general east-west orientation of its shoreline.

When you add in Uruguay’s world-class private banking sector, its nonintrusive government, its absence from the world’s conflicts, and its warm, Italian-influenced culture, you get a package that’s hard to beat.

Best of all, you can still buy a seafront property here for US$85,000.

Thirty Miles Of Beaches…But Not Far From The Capital

Costa de Oro begins about 22 miles (36 km) from the capital of Montevideo and spans the distance between the rivers Arroyo Pando and Arroyo Solís Grande. Continue reading