Beach In The South Of Mazatlan, Mexico

The Beaches Of Mazatlan Offer Good Real Estate Value

Good Values Found On Mexico’s Best Beaches
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The beachfront real estate market in Mazatlán has an impressive diversity that will satisfy the taste of most anyone who is shopping for beachfront real estate.

I’ve been here in Mazatlán for a month now and I’m still sorting out the different lifestyle options here with an eye toward obtaining an investment property or part-time residence.

For the background on why I chose to come to Mazatlán, see my recent article on Mazatlán and its turnaround historic center. This week, we’re going to focus on some of Mazatlán’s incredible beach options.

The expat community is one thing I should mention before getting into the real estate. Mazatlán is home to a fair number of full-time expats from the United States and Canada, and a far larger number of part-year residents. Canadians seem to outnumber Americans in Mazatlán with most coming from western Canada. Most Americans come from the western United States.

About 65% of all real estate transactions are to Mexican buyers. Among the foreign buyers, Canadian buyers outnumber Americans by about a 60/40 ratio.

Choosing The Best Beach Lifestyle In Mazatlán

Your preferred location, here, depends on what you’re looking for in a property or lifestyle, and whether you intend to rent your property out.

Mazatlán’s public transit system will affect your choice of where to buy since the city has a good system of public transportation. There are buses, traditional taxis, and dune buggy-like vehicles locally called pulmonías, which can get you easily from one zone to the next. Referring to the map below, you can go from Sábalo Country to Olas Altas in about 14 minutes with light traffic.

Here’s my take on Mazatlán’s most popular beach areas for expat buyers. To get a feel for orientation, take a look at this map of Mazatlán’s beach zones I marked up from Continue reading