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As promised, here are two reports that introduce you to our latest picks for the best international property investments and educate you on the tips and strategies used by global property investing veterans.

The 4 Best Markets To Take Advantage Of The Strong U.S. Dollar

10 Things You Must Know Before Buying Property Overseas In 2020

The Top 10 Global Property Investments For 2020

Special Bonus: Safe Havens – Our Top 3 Picks to Live and Invest Overseas After the COVID-19 Lockdown Ends Report

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P.S. As you’ll soon learn, a portfolio of international real estate holdings should be an important part of your strategy. First, if you’re an American, it is one of two assets you can hold offshore without triggering a reporting requirement. Secondly, depending on where you invest, you’re diversifying your assets into other currencies… protecting yourself from any potential dollar crisis in the US. And perhaps most important, international real estate can become the most lucrative and stable investment of your portfolio holdings.

Our Global Property Advisor service informs you where and how to buy, when to exit, and how to take your profits.

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