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Inside Peek From Last Week's Retire Overseas Conference

Beautiful Lake House

As I write this week’s edition, it’s the day after our spectacular Retire Overseas Conference, and I’m exhausted. This year’s event took place in vibrant, sparkling, crazy Las Vegas. My head is still reeling from the lights, bells, crowds, and energy of this city like no other.

I didn’t see much of Las Vegas because the last four days were booked solid with presentations, conversations, and social events geared toward helping our attendees create a personalized plan for their future lives overseas.

We’re not talking pie-in-the-sky, what-if kind of plans. This was hardcore, detailed, specific planning leading to definitive next steps and attainable short-term goals for long-term dreams.

This Conference Is Like No Other

If you were in the room with us this year, I hope we had a chance to chat and discuss your overseas aspirations. If you couldn’t join us, I cannot say this strongly enough: You need to come to this conference next time. Here’s why…

This year’s event featured seven important workshops where group panels of experts discussed:

  • Retirement planning;
  • visas and residency;
  • getting established overseas;
  • taxes;
  • renting and/or buying property;
  • health care; and
  • global banking.

While these topics are important to every person considering a move overseas, until you decide where you are going to move, the details can vary dramatically. With breakout sessions focused on more than 20 different countries, our conference-goers were able to get a taste of the world’s top living and retirement options in one room—all in a 4-day span.

Because the primary focus of the Retire Overseas Conference is moving overseas and creating a new lifestyle in the process, everyone was keenly interested in discovering real estate opportunities in their preferred locations.

Some attendees were searching for a new or second home to call their own, while others were considering investment options to help them fund their overseas adventure, while yet another group was looking for part-time properties to visit during the inclement seasons in their current location.

Yet others were interested in learning about ways to finance their overseas lifestyle. (If this topic sparks your curiosity, consider attending our upcoming Make Money Overseas Event coming this November.)

I was fortunate to sit down with several prominent developers, investment projects, property managers, and other real estate experts and opportunities to discuss the exciting world of global property opportunities. All so I can share these details with you, dear reader, in case you weren’t able to join us last week in the desert.

The Retire Overseas Conference is our biggest annual event. As a result, I have so much information I can’t possibly explain it all in just a couple of paragraphs. My goal is to share as much information as I can over the next few weeks and months. But if you want all the juicy details as soon as possible, your best bet is to order our Live And Invest Overseas Home Conference Kit to ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity.

Confession Time

I have to admit, my job is pretty cool. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m really excited about the people I get to meet and the stories I am able to share with you. In my upcoming issues I’ll have the privilege of introducing you to some exciting new real estate developers and opportunities from around the world.

Keep an eye out for articles describing the choice locations in Europe, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean where you should consider buying your dream home.

I’ve met the most friendly and knowledgeable people from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico, and Colombia, and they all want to share their information with you. I’ll give you the inside scoop on the best places to find your overseas home and what you can expect to pay for these gems.

I also have the most current information about some progressive agricultural investment opportunities, as well as places to diversify your currency and support international business and the local community, all while receiving enticing returns on your capital outlay.

Also in the near future I’ll share some simple, savvy options for short-term real estate investments that offer great yields without requiring property maintenance, utility set up, home owners’ dues, or even resale concerns.

Sneak Preview Of Future Episodes

To whet your appetite for upcoming installments of Overseas Property Alert, here’s a few impressive real estate opportunities you’ll be hearing about in the coming weeks:

  • Beachfront developments in Central and South America…
  • Luxury jungle living options
  • Hard-money construction loans…
  • Natural land options that also improve the environment…
  • Exciting, ground floor real estate business and commercial breakthroughs…
  • Simple, single-family options you can enjoy yourself or rent to the tourist crowd…
  • Condo developments, both pre-construction and existing…
  • Cutting-edge technology-based investments.

Of course, I’ll still bring you stories from our correspondents around the globe who are eager to share experience encouragement, and advice…

Our great big world becomes smaller and more friendly when you connect with people in far-flung locations who want to welcome and encourage you, to share with you the extraordinary experiences they’ve had and all the things they’ve discovered along the way. That’s what this whole live-and-invest-overseas beat is all about…

After you attend a Live and Invest Overseas conference, your life will never be the same. As one of our expat speakers explained, “The people I meet at these conferences have become life-long friends, my family, my tribe.” I consider you, dear reader, to be part of my tribe, and I appreciate you joining me for this awesome overseas ride!

Wendy Howarter
Editor, Overseas Property Alert